Weekend Re-Cap

Good Friday Afternoon! No time for talk, let’s get right into the re-cap!
Friday – Men In Tights! It was AWESOME!! Thank you to everyone who came out and everyone who donated to the event! It was a SOLD OUT show and we nailed it! What a great night!
Saturday – Great morning workout at CrossFit Instinct. Then for the rest of the day I cooked all my food for the week. Went to church, then came back to my g/f’s aunt’s house and had a nice cooked meal! Delicious! My cousin and her b/f were in town for the horse show at the fairgrounds so they crashed at the house to save on gas.
Sunday – Another great morning workout at CrossFit Instinct! Then I hung out with my g/f at her grandparents. After that got a history lesson by watching the movie J. Edgar. Started out slow but was really good. Then we had a cheat meal and ordered some pizza! I then watched the BULLS get a win and cleaned the upstairs part of the house where I live.
Today – Well today has already been an adventure. I took my dog, Divot, to the vet because he has been biting at his tail. Now he has this
It’s called a comfy cone but doesn’t look to comfy! Poor guy!!

Well, I’m tired just from typing all that!! I’ll talk to you at 6 o’clock tonight!!

D.j. Blake