Weekend Re-Cap!!

Hey would you look at this!  Good Monday afternoon!  I’m going to get right to it with the weekend re-cap!  Well I made a trip to Cham-Banna for the Illini game while my intern Aaron went for Un-Official.  I think I had a much better time!  Anyways, to sum it up, ate some food before the game, traffic was bad and almost late for the game.  Almost had to pay $10 for parking but I forgot to go back and pay the guy…oooppsss…my bad!!  ILLINI WIN!!  Then had an awesome surprise when I got back home!  My dogs had some fun while we were gone!!!  Let’s just say they didn’t go potty inside but it looked like a college house party when we got home!  Sunday was filled with laundry, CrossFit, BULLS and watching Argo!  Argo was an AWESOME MOVIE!!!  I recommend watching it!!  And there you have it, my weekend re-cap!


Simpsons get into the Harlem Shake craze!

Lindsay Lohan in 1995 Jell-O Commercial.

Now your cell phone can be a stun gun!!  AMAZING!

This guy wanted his g/f to slap him for 15 days in a row just to wake him up!!

I love when little kids sing rock songs!!