Weekend Re-Cap!!

What up!?  Good Monday afternoon to you!  I hate to always talk about the weather but good golly it’s nice outside!!  3 days in row wearing shorts again!  This is crazy!  I wonder if that means will be get a TON of snow in the near future…we shall wait and see!!  Well my weekend was a good one, let me give you a quick re-cap!!  Saturday I spent the beginning of the day relaxing because Saturday night I had to D.j. the L.R.S. Christmas Party.  It was a rockin’ good time!  It was up at the Hilton and it was a great time!!  Not only did I do some dancing but I got challenged in a handstand walking competition on the dance floor and I won!!  Woot Woot!!  I got home from working around 1:15a.m. and that some how must have really got my dogs excited because they didn’t calm down until 3a.m. or later!! I ended up going and sleeping on the couch with them just to keep them quiet!!  Then I got up early for Church or Sunday, went to CrossFit Instinct, visited at my g/f’s grandparents house, ate some lunch, did some serious grocery shopping, cooked some food and watched and awesome movie!  We rented “Lawless” and it was awesome!!  Shia LaBeouf and Tom Hardy play brothers who run a moonshine business back in the day and it’s very gangster and lots of killing etc…GO RENT IT!!!  Then I went to bed, that’s my weekend re-cap for ya!!  Hope you had a great weekend too!!

8 year old girl gets big by dolphin at Disney!  Check it out!

Just when I thought MTV was turning over a new leaf by getting rid of Jersey Shore, they bring out this garbage called “Buckwild.”  Oh dear!!

Eating corn on the cob LIKE A BOSS!

Justin Bieber gets a phone thrown to him on stage so he takes a few pics and gives it back.  Cue the rest of the audience doing the something!

Watch this dog imitate a baby!

Check out Johnny Depp rockin’ out with Alice Cooper!

What happens when a TV shows stages a fake plane crash in CHICAGO but the TV news station doesn’t know about it??  This happens!!  CLICK HERE To watch the video!!