Weekend Re-Cap…

Good Tuesday morning! Hope you had a safe and awesome holiday weekend! Once again, don’t forget why we get the long weekend! Thank You to all of our Vets for serving and fighting for our country! Thank you all the past, present, and future troops! GOD BLESS!
Well my weekend seemed to just fly by! Saturday I went to a CrossFit competition in Jacksonville with my crew from CrossFit Instinct. It was awesome! Our top women’s team won! Not sure what place our top men’s finished in but we should know soon. It was super hot but super awesome all at the same time. Then once we got back to town, we had to set up for CrossFit Instinct’s 2 year anniversary party! I played some tunes! We had some prizes to win and we ate some amazing food! It was a GREAT time. Sunday was a little more laid back. I got my early morning WOD in over at CrossFit Instinct then it was off to the pool! My g/f’s aunt has a pool so we hung out there for a few hours. After that it was dinner and a movie at home. I would tell you about the movie but it was bad and I don’t remember the name of it.
Monday was a CrossFit Instinct WOD then working on my jet ski and we got it working! I was so excited to get out on the lake! I want to say Thank You to Jim and Mike (They know who they are) for helping with my jet ski!
Well, that was my weekend in a nutshell! Now, I must go.

Talk to you lata.

D.j. Blake