Weekend Re-Cap

Good Monday afternoon!  Hope your Monday is going great for you!  Let’s just get right into the wonderful Weekend Re-Cap!  If you didn’t know, I went on my very first float trip with some of my crazy awesome friends from CrossFit Instinct!  It was a good time!  It was a lot of work because we are in the middle of a drought and had to push and pull the raft most of the time but  I can’t complain!  It was a very good time and I enjoy camping out and being around my crew from CrossFit Instinct!  See some pics below.  In other news, yesterday I was doing house chores and watching the Olympics!  I love the Olympics!  GO USA!!  I don’t care what event it is, I’ll watch it!  Let’s BRING HOME THE GOLD USA!!

Madonna caused a riot in Paris over the weekend.  When I hear the word “RIOT” I think of extreme madness and crazy stuff going on.  This is the calmest riot I have ever seen!  Hahahaha!

Incase you missed it, here’s my phone interview with Olympic Discus Athlete Mr. Lance Brooks!

Hans Zimmer, the man who composed the music for all three DARK KNIGHT movies, has written a song dedicated to the victims of the Aurora, Colorado massacre. You can download it and all proceeds go to fund the Aurora victims!  Take a listen!

Pink’s video for her new hit single “Blow Me One Last Kiss”

Cher Lloyd doing her thing LIVE on America’s Got Talent!

Tom Hardy a.k.a. BANE from Dark Knight can also rap…while holding a baby!

And now a Walrus dancing to Michael Jackson!

How about a WHITE THIGH contest??

Here’s me and my lady with our child size floaties on the float trip!  CrossFit Instinct baby!