Weekend Re-Cap!!

Good Monday afternoon! Hope your Monday is going well for you! Hope all the Dad’s out there had a great Father’s Day Weekend! Let me give you a little weekend re-cap of what I did.

I headed home for the weekend. I got up early on Saturday morning and did a nice little CrossFit WOD at one of our parks in Pontiac. It was too nice to be working out inside so I made the best WOD I could at a park! After that I got ready for the Pontiac Football Golf Outing. Myself and 3 other buddies play in this every year. We did not play well at all :( Oh well, we had a blast and we looked good.
**left to right…Eric, Tavis, Luke and Me**
Now let me explain right off the bat about my choice of clothing because I got some heat for it from people who don’t know about this outing. First of all the last 2 years I’ve worn nice shorts and a polo and it has been 100 degrees and I was not comfortable at all. Second of all, the last 2 years I’ve seen fellas there with cut-off t-shirts, tank tops, jerseys and sometimes no shirt at all. This year I decided I was going to be comfy, so there’s my explanation of attire…Thank You.
After the golf outing Eric, Luke, and I went over to a town called Minonk. A very little town that was having a band and street dance thing going on. Let’s just say mother nature didn’t allow the band to start playing until 10:30 so we just hung around for a few hours, they had some drinks, we talked about bath salts and how crazy they are and then finally the band played and we then headed home. Check out this dog that was just chillin’ at one of the bars!
Everyone knew his name and he would just chill there in the window all night long! Crazy!
Sunday was Father’s Day and I headed up to my Grandpa’s house for some grilling’, NASCAR, and washers! My aunt and uncles were there along with my Dad and step-mom and cousins. We ate great food, had good times, and I dominated in washers like always! I got my dad this cool Dallas Cowboys stone that says, “Cowboys Country” on it with the star. I think he liked it!
After that, put Divot in the front seat, headed home, watched NBA and Dark Knight with my girl and called it a weekend!
I better get back to work. Talk to you at 6!!

D.j. Blake