Good Friday morning!  It’s still morning but just barely!!  Well after this really, really LOOONNNGG work week it’s finally Friday and time for the weekend!!  Any big plans this weekend??  My g/f is heading to Chicago with her family so I’m going to be home alone with the two dogs just chillin’.  Ok I lied, tomorrow I’m waking up early and going to CrossFit Instinct for a great WOD to start off my day.  I’m going to hang out there for a bit and help put up some speakers then I’ll head back home.  I’m planning on showering even though it’s overrated ;)  The ILLINI play at 1:15 so I’ll try to watch that game, maybe clean the house up a little bit, do some grocery shopping, do some cooking and just relax!  However if you know me my cleaning can get a little out of hand and it might take longer than excepted :) Other than that not much is going on.  I’m awaiting more news on Justin Timberlake on Sunday night…hopefully it’s a link to a new single!!  I can’t wait!!!

If you are a pet lover then you know there’s nothing better than cuddling up with your cat or dog and having him purr or wag his tail and just knowing that he’s happy.  Well, with this cat you might need earplugs!!  Loudest purring cat!!  Meet Merlin!

Ke$ha’s new music video for “C’Mon”  It’s very weird and awesome and she’s HOT!!

So umm…who’s going to see Gangster Squad??!!  This movie looks AMAZING!!  Opens TONIGHT!! Oh and Emma Stone is super hot!!

How would you like to sip on this!!  Flammable Water!!  CLICK HERE to read the story and see more!!

My dog can sit and shake, this dog can drive a power wheels truck!!  CLICK HERE to see the video!