Video Friday!!

Good Friday to you!  Hope your day is going well so far!  I’ve got lots of great videos and photos for you today but first I want to remind you to watch for our WDBR AMERI-CASH CART at the State Fair tonight 6-8p.m .and tomorrow 1-3p.m.!  It’s your chance to win FREE CASH!  I’m serious!!  It’s ABSOLUTELY FREE!  If you don’t believe me, watch the video!

Well, last Saturday was my Dad’s birthday but he was on a little vacation/get away so I’m heading home this weekend to celebrate his birthday.  We are playing washers all day on Saturday against my uncle and cousin!  It’s an epic battle that started about a year ago!  Here’s a picture of me and the birthday boy from Thanksgiving when I was growing my moustache!

Ok now onto the good stuff!!  So some people say Christina Aguilera has lost weight while others say there are some serious photoshopping going on here!  It’s her new photo for the 3rd season of THE VOICE.  What do you think?  I think she looks good but, BUT it’s photoshopped!

Well it looks like Michael Phelps got a job…sort of.  He’s the new face of Louis Vuitton.  Check him out.

So you thought you got away lookin’ at that hot girls butt…little did you know that she had a little hidden camera on her butt and she caught ALL OF YOU looking!

Demi Lovato isn’t scared to stand up to Simon one bit!

Well fellas, do you want to know what Rihanna really wants in a man??  Here, she tells you herself!

Don’t ever try to get an autograph from Lady Gaga because her body guard will take you out!

This one goes out to my girl and to Dina!  Oh and any other ladies who LOVE them some Dylan McDermott!

One of the best parent raps ever!

It’s SNACK TIME!  Break out those HOT CHEETOS & TAKIS!

Kelly Clarkson likes to take Twitter requests and cover songs at her concerts.  Well, she covered Eminem while in Detroit and it was AWESOME!