Uggghhh…the 24hr flu is no joke :(

Good Monday afternoon!!  Hope your Monday is going great for you!  Mine isn’t going to bad all things considered…it was a long weekend.  It started out so good then just went down hill.  Friday night got off work and went home to just hang out with my g/f because she was leaving for Chicago on Saturday morning.  We didn’t do much, had a hot date watching the Bulls game and we didn’t even make it through the game, we fell asleep!!  How lame is that??!!  Oh well.  Got up early Saturday morning and went into CrossFit Instinct for an AWESOME WOD!!  After my WOD I stayed around the gym and I put up four speakers in the gym for them.  Now we have tunes coming from all angles!!  After I left the gym I went home and started doing some house chores while my g/f was gone.  I worked until about 1:15 and then watched the ILLINI game, that game was terrible!!  They played like crap and actually that is when I started feeling like crap.  After the game was over I fighting a terrible headache and wasn’t feeling well.  I laid down and took an hour nap then got up and went to church.  After I got back from church I was still not feeling well but for some reason Jimmy John’s sounded good so I went and got a sub.  I came back home and started watching the Bulls game and didn’t even make it through that once again.  I had the chills but I was sweating and just feeling like crap.  Then that’s when the 24hr flu kicked it…that’s all the details I’m going to get into but then it lasted until about 3p.m. yesterday.  I’m still not sure about eating, nothing really sounds good.  Anyways, I woke up this morning to go to CrossFit Instinct and try working out for a bit.  I felt good until I did deadlift…uggghhh…now my back is killing :(  Time to just relax and stretch tonight and hopefully eat some good food!!!

#JT2013 #SuitAndTie The big news from Justin Timberlake was a new single featuring Jay-Z called “Suit And Tie.”  CLICK HERE to listen to the new single!!  It’s HOT!!

One of the best Wheel Of Fortune EPIC FAILS!

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Beyonce is putting out a documentary on HBO.  Here’s a sneak peak of it!

This is Harvey!  He’s a dubstep bird!!

Will Ferrell and Ryan Gosling are the Knife Guys!!

Will and Kristen really know their nominees!!!