Tuesday is just a long day…

Good Tuesday afternoon!  Hope you are having an awesome Tuesday so far!  My Tuesday is just a super long day.  I work at GOLD’s GYM from 8-12 noon then straight to CrossFit Instinct for a quick WOD, home to shower and let the dog out and back to work around 2!  Just typing that out made me tired!  Oh well, it’s only one day and tomorrow is Wednesday so it’s almost the weekend!!

I’m a huge sports fan and I love basketball!  Check out Indiana Pacers’, Paul George throw down a between the legs 360 slam dunk!  He does it super fast on the first one and a little slower on the second one.  Check it out!

Here in America we always have hot body contests or bikini contests but we never have an UGLY Competition do we?  Well thanks to the people in Spain, we can now see what an UGLY competition looks like!  CLICK HERE to see photos from the UGLY COMPETITION!

If only all Presidential races were decided in a rap battle!  Hahahaha!!  Obama vs. Romney

Awesome prank on cops!

Awesome movie that is coming out next month!  **I saw this trailer before the above video**  Hahahaha!!  Good Marketing by someone!