The short work week is just about over…

Good Friday afternoon!  Hope your Friday is going well!  This short work week is just about over and it’s back to the weekend.  I mean when you think about it, you didn’t do much this week did you??  You partied hard on New Year’s then you had New Year’s Day off then you went back to work and for the past few days you’ve just been going through the motions and you’ll really get back into it on Monday…that’s what I’m doing ;)  So I had our one room with carpet cleaned today and it looks AMAZING!!  I had Matt from Steam Shine come over this morning and he took care of all the little doggie accidents and it looks great!!  Make sure you give Steam Shine a call next time you need some carpet, tile, or even hard wood cleaned!!  They do it all!!  Here’s their website and tell them Blake sent you!!

Well I don’t usually make a point to sit down and watch all the Golden Globe awards but this year I might make an exception.  The super hot Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are hosting the event and here’s just a glimpse of what you will get!!

Wow!  I think some ladies really believe Kris Humphries has cooties or something!!  Watch the reaction of the lady that touches him as he walks to the locker room!!  Hahaha!!

Billy On The Street with Will Ferrell

Charles Barkley took sometime out to wish everyone Happy Holidays!