Super Bowl Weekend Recap!!

Good Monday evening to you! Hope you had a GREAT Monday! I know mine has been a little slow moving, I’m still fighting a cold :( but other than that it has been good! How was your Super Bowl weekend?? Mine wasn’t too bad besides the whole being a little sick thing.
Saturday I woke up early and went to get a nice CrossFit Instinct WOD in!! It’s always nice to try and sweat out your sickness. Then I did some laundry and just chilled around the house until I had to go and D.j. the Lincoln Land Homecoming Dance!! It was a GREAT TIME!! Thanks to everyone who came out!!
Sunday was the BIG day!! Got up early again for church and a CrossFit Instinct WOD!! Then it was just a day of relaxing until the Super Bowl!! My g/f and I just hung out and watched the game and ate way, way, way to much pizza!! It’s always nice to have a cheat meal once a week!! And that was that!! The commercials weren’t really THAT good ya know??!! I mean there were some funny ones but none that REALLY made me want to pee my pants. Oh well, the game was AWESOME!!
Ok, enough blogging for today. I better get back to work. Talk to you soon.

D.j. Blake