Still feeling like blah…

Good Tuesday afternoon!  Hope your day is going much better than mine.  Like I posted yesterday I got hit with the 24-hour flu over the weekend, thought I felt better yesterday but that didn’t turn out to be the case.  I got up and went to get a light WOD in at CrossFit Instinct when I should have just listened to my g/f and took the day off but hey, what do I know, I felt good right…WRONG!!  Ended up tweaking my back a little bit so now that piled on top of still not feeling well…uugghhh…  I called in sick to GOLD’S GYM today because I wasn’t feeling the best and a gym is no place to take a cold.  So I got some extra sleep then I woke up and actually ate some solid food!!  That was a big plus for me!!  However now I’m at the radio station in the studio and I just feel like BLAH again ya know??  I don’t have my appetite anymore and my back hurts…wah wah!!  I’ll do my best and get through the show then more rest time!!  I’ve got a CrossFit competition this weekend and don’t want to let me teammate WOODY down!!  I’ll be better soon bro I promise!!

Looks like Tiger Woods and Rory McElroy are the faces of the new Nike Golf campaign!!  Check out the new commercial!!  Reminds me of the Larry Bird vs. Michael Jordan H-O-R-S-E commercials!!

Of course when you break up with someone the next time you go out you want to look your absolute BEST!!  CLICK HERE to see what people are calling Taylor Swift’s REVENGE dress!!  Lookin’ good T-Swizzy!!

Now I’m seen some crazy half court basketball shots in my day but this, THIS is CRAZY!!

Check out this amazing cover of the Sweedish House Mafia hit Don’t You Worry Child!

Jodie Foster gave an amazing speech at the Golden Globes!!  Here it is if you missed it!

Robin Roberts is coming back!!  What a fighter!!