State Fair Steve’s GIANT BLOG POST!
State Fair Steve’s GIANT BLOG POST!

Good Wednesday morning!  Wow!  I would like to take just a second to say, “I’m sorry for slacking on my blog posts this past week.”  It has just been a CRAY CRAY week!  (CRAY is what the kids say these days…I guess it’s short for crazy)  Anyways, I wanted to do something to make it up to you so, I thought since it’s State Fair time and my cousin State Fair Steve is in town I would let him make a blog post with all the funny and interesting videos he’s watched this past week.  So without further-ado I give you  “STATE FAIR STEVE’S GIANT BLOG POST”!!  It’s everything I missed this past week…ENJOY!!

Football season is right around the corner!!  The Manning Brothers want to make sure you can watch football on your phone!

This guy just can’t seem to get a bottle of water open at a baseball game!

I love dogs!  I really love dogs who can do tricks!  Meet Jiff!!

She said, “NO!”

Very excited about the new Katy Perry album!!  Check out these teaser videos!!  P.S. – she’s so hott!!