State Fair Steve is bbbaaaacccckkkk!!!!

Good Thursday afternoon!  It’s finally here!!  The Illinois State Fair!!  Where mullets, no teeth, deep fried food, and cut off shorts are the norm!!  It all gets underway tonight with the parade!  I have to stay in the studio and work while my distant cousin STATE FAIR STEVE gets to walk in the parade!  He’ll be out there with our WDBR CREW and the WDBR Ameri-Cash Cart!  Be on the lookout for him!  If you forget what he looks like, here’s a reminder photo for you!

So I know that it’s a tough economy out there but this billboard in Las Vegas might have gone a little too far!!

So Kim, Kanye, and Kevin Hart have a 3-some before the VMA’s…sort of!  Hahahaha!!

21,000 children die every day because of poverty.  To help raise awareness about this, 5 guys get shot with 21,000 paintballs!  Check it out!

And here is your fastest texter in the world!  He would send almost 500 texts a day for practice!