Spray Paint In The House!!!

Good Tuesday afternoon!  Wow!!  Just looked outside and saw these HUGE flakes falling!  Looks like it’s more snow for us!  Be careful on the roads while you are out there this afternoon.  So last night I came home from work and walked in the door and about passed out!  My lovely wonderful g/f decided that she wanted to spray paint some window shutters in the basement.  Talk about  no ventilation at all!!  Our house smelled sssooo bad we had windows and doors open for about an hour!!  We sat down to watch “Skyfall” and didn’t even make it through the movie!  We fell asleep and now have to watch it tonight.  Thank you spray paint!!

That moment when you walk out of your hotel room and the door closes and you don’t have your key.  Oh and you’re naked!!

Check out this little kid dancing to LMFAO at a concert!