So Long Bruce Weber…it was a good run

Good Friday morning to you! I thought I would get right into this blog by saying, “Thank You” to Bruce Weber for some good times. It’s official, ILLINI fired Bruce Weber this morning after a 17-15 season. I’m not sure who we will get to replace him, but we shall see very, very soon. Good Luck Bruce!
In other news, I’m getting ready to do my CrossFit Open Games WOD 12.3!! It’s going to be crazy!!
18 Minutes As Many Rounds As Possible
15 Box Jumps (24 in)
12 Push Press (115 lbs)
9 Toe 2 Bar

It’s going to be CRAZY!! 18 minutes is ssssooo long!! I’m excited and I’m sure I’ll let you know what I get!
I’ve got a great show tonight it’s going to rock!! Talk to you at 6 o’clock!!

D.j. Blake