So excited I can’t event type…!!!!….

I don’t even know what to say so I’m just going to show you this!!!

Now you can CLICK HERE and read more about this AWESOME DAY!!  Justin Timberlake is Bringing SexyBack BACK!!  So excited!!!

Ok now that I got that out of my system I can try to calm myself down and actually blog a little bit….wait…nope, too excited still!!  I mean really do you understand what this means!?  He’s going to come back and just blow our minds like he did with Future Sex Love Sounds!  It’s like when Michael Jordan came back from retirement the first time ya know!!  I’m very passionate about my favorite teams, artists, bands, etc…so when something like this happens I get very excited!!  Don’t judge me..hahaha!!  I’m prolly going to go home tonight and hook up my new speakers and just jam to some JT!!  If my g/f is reading this she’s going to be thrilled…hahahaha…not so much :)

So this might be one of the ALL TIME BEST PRANKS EVER!!  The Invisible Driver Prank!!  Check it out!!

Maybe if all the businesses going out of business hired this guy then they wouldn’t go out of business!! AMAZING SIGN FLIPPER!!

And this would be awesome!!

Great interview with Imagine Dragons about their amazing 2012!!

And they shall name him SABAN!!  An Alabama football fan wrote this message on her pregnant belly on Monday night, “If Alabama wins, I’m naming this baby Saban.”  CLICK HERE to see the photo and read her story!!!