Scared To Death!!

Good Tuesday afternoon!! Hope you are having a GREAT Tuesday! It’s such a nice day outside! It such a nice day to go for a drive and text while doing it!!! Oh my gosh!! I was so scared on my way to work. A big red GMC truck comes up behind me and gets ssssooo close to me that I could see the little 16 or 17 year old with her hands on top of the stearing wheel TEXTING while driving!! Yeah, crazy right!! I had a clear view from my side mirror! I had two cars infront of me going sort of slow and I knew that if one turned, it might be the end. I was just hoping that she saw my brake lights! A part of me wanted to brake check her, have her hit me, I get out of my truck make sure she’s ok and take her phone until the cops came!! Then tell the officer, oh she was texting while driving! But I didn’t do that, it’s too much of a hassel. Anyways…DO NOT TEXT AND DRIVE!!

D.j. Blake