Reading is FUN!!!

Good Wednesday afternoon!  It’s a windy one outside but very nice none the less.  Well this morning got started off with a bang today!  I went to Graham Elementary School and read to the 3rd grade class!  It was awesome!  The kids were great!  Thanks to Graham Elementary for having me today!

Well if you thought a triathlon was hard on here on Earth, try doing a triathlon in SPACE!  This is amazing!

I call this next video, random acts of karaoke!  Talk about finding a hidden gem!  She sings just like Whitney Houston…R.I.P. Whitney!

A very odd mash up but it works.  Listen to Kanye West vs. Taylor Swift!  Maybe they should get in the studio together..haha!

First there were lighters at concerts.  Then came cell phones.  Now, a brand new app called the DAN DEACON APP that sort of syncs all the cell phones in the crowd and makes them a part of the show!  Changing colors, flashes, etc…it’s AWESOME!!  Check it out!  Click Here’s for a link to the story. Watch the video below.

Is Jennifer Anniston preggers???  Hahaha!!!  Watch and find out!