What a very crazy Sunday it was in Central Illinois yesterday.  I was driving in all that wind and actually got stuck in Bloomington for a little bit.  My girlfriend and I decided to leave my dad’s house in Chenoa and make our way towards Springfield.  We had planned to stop in Bloomington so she could run into Kohls really quick, this ended up being a great idea.  As we pulled into the mall parking lot it began to get dark and the rain started.  She ran inside and only a few minutes later the wind picked up even more and hail started.  I was still in the truck with our two dogs.  I called her and said it’s getting nasty and we are coming in.  I grabbed the dogs and we ran inside Kohls.  We just sat in the middle of the double doors for a few minutes.  A few workers came to pet the dogs and then the power went out.  The workers then told us to come in with the dogs. They let us sit inside near the bedding and just hang out until the storm passed.  How AWESOME is that!!!  We are HUGE FANS of KOHLS now!!  Thank you to Kohls for letting us hang out and be safe.

While we were in KOHLS I was talking to my mom and texting her and she told me the storm was going to hit Washington, IL.  My cousin lives over there and we had not yet heard from them.  Finally my cousin sent out a text that said they were OK but had some damage to the house.  If you’ve seen the pictures you know what they are going through and if you would like to help, please click the link below.

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