Thursday, June 28, 201206/28/2012

Another rest day with no rest…hahahaha!

Good Thursday afternoon! Hope you are staying cool! Man it’s HOT OUT! Well Thursdays are my “rest days” from the…

Wednesday, June 27, 201206/27/2012


Well Happy Hump Day to YOU! It’s HUMP DAY and it’s getting hot outside! I can’t wait for this weekend!…

Tuesday, June 26, 201206/26/2012

Just one of those days…

Good Tuesday afternoon! Hope your day is going well so far. I tell you what, it’s just been one of…

Monday, June 25, 201206/25/2012

I’m sorry about Friday :(

Good Monday afternoon! I’m so sorry about Friday I got super busy and didn’t have anytime to do a BLOG.…

Thursday, June 21, 201206/21/2012

Well we got second place!!

Good Thursday afternoon! Well I attended the IBA Awards yesterday and we got 2nd place for our Flash Mob! I…

Wednesday, June 20, 201206/20/2012

Happy Hump Day!

Good Wednesday afternoon to you! Hope your HUMP DAY is going great for you! It’s super hot and it looks…

Tuesday, June 19, 201206/19/2012

Just one of those days…

Good Tuesday afternoon! Hope you are staying cool! It’s another hot one! I just hope it stays hot for the…

Monday, June 18, 201206/18/2012

Weekend Re-Cap!!

Good Monday afternoon! Hope your Monday is going well for you! Hope all the Dad’s out there had a great…

Friday, June 15, 201206/15/2012

1 1/2 hour drive to New Berlin!

Good Friday afternoon! I hope your day is going well so far! I must say that I had quite the…

Wednesday, June 13, 201206/13/2012

Happy Birthday RAEGAN!!!

First of all today, I would like to take a quick second to wish my little sister, RAEGAN, a very…

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