Tuesday, December 18, 201212/18/2012

Back from another 4-day weekend!!

Good Tuesday afternoon!  Well, I’m back from another 4-day weekend!  I always get to the end of the year and…

Thursday, December 13, 201212/13/2012

Can I get some sleep please!!??

Ok so can I get some sleep or what??!!  This Barkley dog is not letting me sleep  He started out…

Wednesday, December 12, 201212/12/2012

It was a J.T. sort of night last night :)

Good Wednesday afternoon to you!  Hope your HUMP DAY is going well!  We are getting over the HUMP and heading…

Tuesday, December 11, 201212/11/2012

I’m back from my 4-Day Weekend!

Good Tuesday afternoon to you!  I’m back from my 4-Day weekend and I have a lot to tell you so…

Thursday, December 6, 201212/06/2012

No poo but a pee…getting better

Good Thursday afternoon!  Hope your day is going well so far.  Well last night was better for my new dog…

Wednesday, December 5, 201212/05/2012

Another night of poop…gggrrr

Good Wednesday afternoon!  Another nice day in the Capital City!  It was another night with another POOP accident!!  The newest…

Tuesday, December 4, 201212/04/2012

Well, he pooped on the floor :(

Good Tuesday afternoon!  Another awesome day in the capitol city!  December 4th and a high of 60 outside!  Amazing!!  Well…

Monday, December 3, 201212/03/2012

Weekend Re-Cap!!

What up!?  Good Monday afternoon to you!  I hate to always talk about the weather but good golly it’s nice…

Friday, November 30, 201211/30/2012

Well, it’s the last day of MoVember / No Shave November

Good Friday afternoon!  Hope your day is going great!  Mine is going awesome considering the crazy WOD I did today…

Thursday, November 29, 201211/29/2012

I can barely walk…

Good Thursday to you!  What an amazing day outside!  55 degrees for a high today and 60 tomorrow!  Get outside…

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