Wednesday, November 14, 201211/14/2012

Happy Hump Day

Good Wednesday afternoon to you!  It really is the afternoon, it’s 12:01p.m. when I just started typing!  CRAZY!  Anyways, hope…

Tuesday, November 13, 201211/13/2012

Well Hello There Tuesday!

Good Tuesday afternoon to you!  Hope your Tuesday is going well for you!  Mine is going great!  I got up…

Monday, November 12, 201211/12/2012

What a weekend!!

Good Monday afternoon!  Hope everyone had a GREAT weekend!  My weekend was awesome!  Let me give you that Weekend Re-Cap!…

Friday, November 9, 201211/09/2012

What up Friday??!!

Good Friday morning to you!  What a great day outside and it’s only going to get better!!  I’m hearing talks…

Thursday, November 8, 201211/08/2012

Can you believe this weather!!

Good Thursday morning!  What an amazing day outside so far!  Sunny and a high of 64 today!  Could see a…

Wednesday, November 7, 201211/07/2012

Happy Hump Day!!

Well one day it’s election day the next day it’s hump day!!  Let’s get over this HUMP of a Wednesday…

Tuesday, November 6, 201211/06/2012

Gloomy Tuesday :(

Good Tuesday afternoon!  It’s been just one of those gloomy, cloudy, cold, wet and not exciting days ya know?  On…

Monday, November 5, 201211/05/2012

Yard Work, Yard Work, and More Yard Work!!….oh and some basketball

Good Monday morning to you!  Hope your gloomy Monday turns into a GREAT day!  Wow!  What a weekend, it’s like…

Friday, November 2, 201211/02/2012


Good Friday afternoon!  Hope you are having an amazing Friday!  It’s an AWESOME day here at WDBR, we are in…

Thursday, November 1, 201211/01/2012

Happy No-Shave November!!

Good Thursday afternoon!  Hope you are having a great Thursday so far!  My day is going great because it’s the…

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