Wednesday, February 27, 201302/27/2013

Happy Hump Day!

What up?  Hope your Hump Day is going well.  Mine would be going better if Intern Aaron would just stop…

Tuesday, February 26, 201302/26/2013

Spray Paint In The House!!!

Good Tuesday afternoon!  Wow!!  Just looked outside and saw these HUGE flakes falling!  Looks like it’s more snow for us!…

Monday, February 25, 201302/25/2013

Weekend Re-Cap…

Good Monday afternoon!  Hope your day is going well and hope you had an awesome weekend.  I’ll give you a…

Friday, February 22, 201302/22/2013

JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE! What more can I say?

Good Friday afternoon to you!  Hope you survived Winter Storm “Q.”  He really wasn’t that bad but I mean since…

Thursday, February 21, 201302/21/2013

Where you at “Q”??!!

Good Thursday afternoon!  Hope your day is going well!  I’m all up in the studio just waiting for “Q” to…

Wednesday, February 20, 201302/20/2013

Ladies and Gentleman Let’s Welcome Winter Storm “Q”!!!

Good Wednesday morning to you!  Hope your are enjoying your HUMP DAY!  Well tomorrow should be the wonderful arrival of…

Tuesday, February 19, 201302/19/2013

Wow!! This is crazy!!

                      Good windy and cold Tuesday afternoon!  Now this is…

Monday, February 18, 201302/18/2013

Happy Birthday M.J.!!

Good Monday afternoon!  Hope your Monday is going well!!  I hurt my back so mine isn’t going that well ;(…

Friday, February 15, 201302/15/2013

All The Way From OKC!!!

Good Friday to you!!  Hope your day is going great!  Any big plans for the weekend??  I have some good…

Thursday, February 14, 201302/14/2013

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!!  I want to send a special Valentine’s Day greeting to my lovely lady…I’ll just call her…

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