Ouch! My hip! Hahaha!

Good Thursday afternoon! Hope your day is going well! It’s a beautiful day outside! Hopefully you have gotten a chance to go outside and enjoy it! I got to drive in it with the windows down so that was good enough! Well, my hip hurts! Out of all the times of playing basketball and getting pounded on, today I simply ran into another guy but his elbow hit me right in the hip where there is no padding or anything and man…it HURTS! It just tightened up and I’m walking around like an old man! Hahahaha! Oh well, hopefully it will go away!
Big game for the BULLS tonight! Bulls vs. Heat! It’s HUGE! Hopefully D-Rose plays! I’ll be all up in the studio with the game on!

Talk to you at 6 o’clock!

D.j. Blake