One Week Away!!!!!

Good Friday afternoon!! Hope you are having a wonderful Friday!! I’ve got one week…that’s it…ONE WEEK!! My first CrossFit Competiton out at the State Fair!! I’m representing my ladies and fellas from CrossFit Instinct!!! I’m very, very excited to compete and see other CrossFit BEASTS out there!! If you are free next Saturday come out and watch!! We will be at the State Fair and the first event starts around 9a.m.!!! It’s going to be awesome!! I did a workout today to practice for the event and it’s nothing easy!!! It’s going to be tough but also very, very awesome!!! I hope you can come watch and support us!!!
That’s really the only thing I can blog about right now. It’s all I’m thinking about!! It’s COMPETING and I LOVE IT!!!
I’ll chat with you tonight at 6p.m.!!!

D.j. Blake