Ok, here we go BULLS!!

Good Thursday morning!! I’m up and at them early!! It’s going to be a GREAT day!! Very busy but a great day!! I’m filling in for Bob on the afternoon radio show from 1-6p.m. and then I’m making a quick trip back home to Pontiac for my little sister’s 8th grade graduation!!! Oh yeah, and the BULLS play tonight!! Don’t tell anyone, but I’ll be on my phone during the graduation checking the score ;) Then it’s a long holiday weekend of bachelor party!!! That’s right, Hangover 2 comes out and I’ve got a bachelor party!! Lots of 4-wheeling, mudding, paintballing, griling out and hopefully stupid stunts caught on video for you all to see!!! It’s going to be crazy!!!! Well, I better get back to work. I will talk to you at 1p.m.!!!

D.j. Blake