Oh yeah!! Way to go Bulls!! Let The Wedding Season Begin!

Good Friday morning! Hope you are having a great day so far! If the rain holds off it should be a very nice weekend! Highs in the 80’s!
Did you see the Bulls just destroy the Celtics last night! Oh man! It was AWESOME! D-Rose = MVP!! They are playing so well right now! I just hope they keep it rolling into the playoffs!! Let’s go Bulls!! Some of you might be saying, “Blake, why aren’t you talking about the Cardinals?” I simply say to that, “I am following the Cardinals but it’s hard because I’m locked in on the NBA right now.” Once the NBA is over I will be focused on the Cardinals!
Can’t wait for this weekend, well sort of…let the wedding season begin! I have my first Star Talent Events Wedding on Saturday!! It’s going to be the start to a long but busy spring and summer!!
Well, I better get back to work!!

D.j. Blake