Oh, what a weekend!! GO CARDINALS!!

Good Tuesday afternoon! Hope you are have a GREAT day so far!! I had yesterday off but now I’m back!! It was a very long weekend but it went by very, very fast!! Big THANK YOU to everyone who made Tailgate With Blake a HUGE success this year!!! All of the schools that were a part of it were AWESOME!! Thank you all!!
Saturday I was up near Chicago for one of my best friends from high school wedding! It was beautiful!! It was also great to see some old friends from home and just have a good night!
Sunday started off bad but got really, REALLY good!! I called it my day of “Three C’s” CrossFit, Cowboys, and Cardinals!! Got a GREAT CrossFit workout in early, watched the COWBOYS blow another game away!!! Then wrapped up my night with the CARDINALS winning and heading to the WORLD SERIES!!! AWESOME!!!
Monday was just a laid back day!! I spent most of the day with my g/f!! Got a workout in, did some cleaning, and went on a little hike!! It was great!! Ended the night with pizza and a movie!! Couldn’t have been better!!
Now it’s back to work!! Blake’s Bender is on the way tonight at 7 o’clock!! I’ve got spooky prizes for you!!!
Talk to you at 6p.m.!!

D.j. Blake