Oh weekend how I miss you already!

Good Monday afternoon! Hope your Monday is going well! It’s very nice outside, make sure you get out and enjoy it if you can. Did you have a good weekend? I had a very relaxed weekend that was going very well until last night…here’s the weekend re-cap.
Saturday – Chilled around the house most of the day. Caught up on some music, made a mix, went to church and watched a whole bunch of tennis!! YUP! TENNIS!! I was sucked in!! Roger Federer vs. Djokovic and then Nadal vs. Murray!! It was crazy! Best tennis I’ve seen in a long time! Then and old friend stopped by to visit.
Sunday was an early morning workout followed by chilling with my g/f and her family, giving my dog a bath, and loving that the CARDINALS are making a run for the wild card!! Only 4 1/2 back!!! Then it got bad when my COWBOYS lost!! No need to talk about that anymore!
Now it’s almost time to start the show so…I’ll talk to you around 6 o’clock!!

D.j. Blake