Oh my gosh…it’s March Madness!!
Oh my gosh…it’s March Madness!!

Good Tuesday afternoon!  WOW!!  I’m here at work doing my work thing and I totally forgot I haven’t filled out a bracket yet!!  I better get on that!  Once I get mine filled out, maybe I’ll post a picture so you can see if you beat me!  Well, in other basketball news, the Bulls got beat last night thanks to not one but TWO bad calls from the refs!!  I usually don’t say that but it was bad!!  Oh well!!  I got their backs!!

So did you know that Selena Gomez and David Letterman have something in common??  Yup!!  Watch this and find out!!  HINT – It’s about Bieber!!

It’s called SOCIAL FARTING and it’s REAL!

It’s a cat that sounds like a goat!!

Well, it’s almost prom so let the YouTube proposals begin!!  First up, Kate Upton!

Pitbull and Christina Aguilera released a new video for the hit single Feel This Moment

It’s the Global YouTube Audition Channel!!  Thanks Simon Cowell and One Direction!!

News Anchor has breaking news!!  She’s getting proposed to on LIVE TV!