Oh it hurts so good!!…Not really…it just hurts!!

Good Monday afternoon!!! Hope your Monday is going well for you. Hope you had an exciting weekend!! My weekend was so good, I’m still feeling it today!! Let me explain…I had my final CrossFit competition of the year on Saturday and the 2 WOD’s were just brutal!! The first one wasn’t so bad, it was just Turkish Get Ups but the second work out was Fight Gone Bad!! Let me tell you, it was BAD!!! 5 ROUNDS of just madness!! Here is what we did
1 minute of 20lb wall ball
1 minute of 95lb sumo deadlift high pulls
1 minute of 20in box jumps
1 minute of 95lb push press
1 minute row for calories
1 min rest
Yeah!! We did that 5 TIMES!!! I can barely walk!! But it was so AWESOME!! I’m in the best shape of my life!! Stop in CrossFit Instinct anytime and see Tim, Molly, Matt, or Ashley!! Visit them online at
Tell them D.j. Blake sent you!! Get in there and PUNISH YOUR WEAKNESS!!
Ok, I’m going to go get a massage ;)

D.j. Blake