Oh I’m still sore!!

Good Wednesday morning to you! Hope you are feeling much better than I. I’m just so sore it’s not even funny. My legs are killing me! Quads, hamstrings, and other muscles that I don’t even know their names!! Hahahahaha!! But it’s all good. I’ll get in a workout later today and we’ll be good to go! See most people think when you’re sore to take a day off, not always a good thing. You want to work through that sore feeling and get your body use to what it feels like!! If you don’t ever feel sore, you are not pushing yourself hard enough! Kick it up a notch!! Then take a day off later in the week. Sound good?? Awesome!! I think I’m staying at home tomorrow, I’ve got some serious cleaning I want to do at the house and I just need a day to myself. It will be all good.
Have a great Wednesday!!

D.j. Blake