Oh Happy Friday!

Good Friday afternoon to you!  Hope your Friday is going well for you!  Mine isn’t too bad at all!  I’m going over to Champaign tomorrow for the ILLINI game with some friends so that will be AWESOME!  Can’t wait for that! Also, I had my back checked out yesterday and I should be ready to get back into CrossFit Instinct and maybe not THROW some weight around but at least get back into it!

Have you ever wondered what 80s song you are ?  TAKE THE QUIZ!  I’m Olivia Newton John – Let’s Get Physical!!

Well this weekend Macklemore and Ryan Lewis will be on SNL tomorrow night!  Here’s the song I hope they play!

So the Harlem Shake meets the FAA!  That’s right a group of college students did the Harlem Shake on a flight from Colorado to San Diego.  One student says he got permission from the flight attendant but FAA says they want to know what phase of the flight they did it during.  Does that really matter??  It’s not like it was on take off!!

My dog can sit, shake, and spin in a circle!  I love that he can do that!  This dog can do household chores!

So a lady is suing Michael Jordan saying he is the father of her 16-year-old son.  The boy posted this video to YouTube in December claiming M.J. is his dad!

Ellie Goulding covering FUN.!

And now one of the best baseball catches ever!!

Ice Boulders on Lake Michigan!

I wish Nicolas Cage was in this song with Taylor Swift!