No poo but a pee…getting better

Good Thursday afternoon!  Hope your day is going well so far.  Well last night was better for my new dog Barkley.  I woke up and saw no poo but he did pee on the floor.  Once again in the same spot on the carpet even though the entire house is hardwood, he seems to like to make clean up hard by going on the carpet…gggrrrr.  Did you hear Santa was spotted in Springfield today!?  Yeah!  He was spotted riding a jet ski on Lake Springfield!!  CHECK IT OUT BELOW!!

I’m a fan of rock music so when I saw this I had to share.  A parrot singing Bodies Hit The Floor!

This guy does all the voices to Family Guy while rapping Chris Brown’s song – Look At Me Now!  **WARNING**WARNING**SOME BAD WORDS AHEAD**WARNING**WARNING**

WWE wishes you a very Merry Christmas!!  They sing their version of Jingle Bells.

Oh dear!  John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John are back…and not in a good way!  They have put out a new holiday album and here’s the first song and video…TERRIBLE!!

Bruno Mars LIVE performance at the Victoria Secret Fashion Show!

CLICK HERE to see a McDonald’s in New Hyde Park, New York that is built in the Denton House Mansion from the 1700s!  This is crazy!!!