No Phone!!

Good Thursday morning! Hope you are having a wonderful day so far! Let me ask you something, have you ever not had your cell phone? Oh my gosh, it’s CRAZY!! I’m getting a new phone from my great friends at Verizon Wireless but they had to shut off my phone to activate my new one and send it to me overnight mail. It’s crazy!! I haven’t had a phone since 3p.m. yesterday and I’m suppose to get the new one this morning. It’s just so weird not having a cell phone! I mean really, I feel naked without it! I had to watch an entire Bulls playoff game and not send a text or call a buddy who I knew was watching. I couldn’t put any status updates on Facbook or do any Tweets on Twitter! Just really, really weird not having a phone! I can’t wait to get my new one!!! I hope you enjoy your phone! Don’t ever lose it :) I will talk to you later tonight!

D.j. Blake