No More Bulls :(

Good Friday evening to YOU! Hope you have had an awesome Friday. Mine would be much better if I knew the Bulls were playing in Game #7 tomorrow :( They had the game won! And then it just slipped away! I’m very sad about the loss but what makes it just a little be “OK” is that Mr. Andre Iguodala from Springfield, IL made the free throws to beat the Bulls. I’ve met Andre and he’s a class act and that’s very BIG for him! Much love to IGGY but I’m a BULLS FAN TILL I DIE and I just wish that no one would have gotten hurt along the way…oh well…wait till next year! Now, I just hope the HEAT lose!! I guess it’s time to start cheering on the STL CARDINALS BABY!!
In other D.j. Blake news, I’m running in my first 5K tomorrow. Well, I don’t know if it will be an all out run because some of my CrossFit Instinct peeps will be there and we might have some fun with it and do like a mini work out every mile or so…who knows! If you are downtown come find me!
Not much else is going on, I’m in the studio right now doing my thang!

D.j. Blake