New Berlin Here I Come!!

Good Friday afternoon to you!  Hope your Friday is going well so far!!  Well TAILGATE WITH BLAKE is back again tonight and I’m heading to New Berlin High School!!  I will be out there before the game from 5-7!  We will have New Berlin Ralley towels to hand out!  Plus get your hair colored for a donation to the St. John’s Children’s Hospital/Children’s Miracle Network!  Come on out early for a GREAT TIME!  In other news, I just went to the drive up window at my bank and wow, it was the longest wait ever!!  The drive up line in my opinion is for quick transactions, you know the basic deposit a paycheck or get your paycheck cashed.  It’s NOT for long transactions like getting information about a loan or doing different things to your account or getting a credit check.  I think the car in front of me was doing all of the above!!  It took forever!  I wanted to honk but that would just be rude so, I just checked my Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram…yeah, that’s how long it took.

Well the trailer for “Liz & Dick” with Lindsay Lohan is out!  I’ve got it for you right here!  Check it out!

Well when you are a super hot like Kate Upton I guess you can post videos like this one that don’t really make any sense at all.  If you like baby goats, puppies and well Kate Upton then enjoy!!

Call Me Maybe got the Choir and Orchestra remix!  It sounds good!

Dog and Cat lovers…the epic question of which is better DOGS or CATS has been answered!!  Hahahaha!!!  Sort of!  Watch and enjoy!!!

Homer Simpson voted for Obama 4 years ago.  Who will he vote for this year?  Watch and find out!