Nasty Weather
Nasty Weather

Good Monday Morning!!  I’m all up in the studio on the morning show with SMERZ!!!  I’m filling in all this week and it’s going to be awesome!!  Well, did you have a good weekend??  I tell you what the stormy, rainy weather didn’t help my weekend out.  I had plans to break out the jet ski and that didn’t happen.  Oh well, it’ didn’t stop my CrossFit Instinct Crew from having a great time!!!  I was the DJ for their 3 year anniversary party on Saturday night and it was awesome!  Then on Sunday I got a nice WOD in and yesterday we did our Memorial Day Murph WOD!  It’s a work out dedicated to a fallen solider.  Here’s what we had to do:  1mile run / 100 Pull-Ups / 200 Push-Ups / 300 Squats / 1 mile run.  It was intense and I’m feeling it today!!  GOD BLESS OUR FALLEN SOLDIERS AND TROOPS!!  They are the reason why we even have Memorial Day!!  GOD BLESS ALL OUR TROOPS PAST and PRESENT!!  TRUE AMERICAN HEROES!!

Have a great Tuesday!!


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