My LEGS hurt!!

Good Tuesday evening! I know it’s a little later than usual for the blog post but I was busy all day long and just now have a chance to drop a line. Well, I guess I should explain the title of the blog post…MY LEGS HURT because of my love/hate relationship with CrossFit at CrossFit Instinct ( You see, when you are sore from a workout on Sunday and Monday, you don’t take Tuesday off because it hurts!! Oh no!! You suck it up and go do another WOD and call it a day!! It only makes you better!! There’s a competition coming up in less than 2 weeks and I’m going in there with the idea that I’m going to win the whole thing!! I’m going to give it all I’ve got and if that means finishing first then awesome…if it means getting dead last then that’s all I could do!! Either way it’s going to be an AWESOME event!!
Ok now I must wish my St. Louis Cardinals some luck!! We need to win our last 2 games and hope that the Braves lose there last 2 game!! COME ON CARDINALS!!!
Ok, that’s all I got for tonight!!

D.j. Blake