My Final Blog Post At 103.7 WDBR
My Final Blog Post At 103.7 WDBR

Well, they say all good things must come to and end and today is that day for me.  Today is my last day working at 103.7 WDBR.  For those of you who don’t know let me give you a little history about me and my time here at WDBR.  You might remember Bob Parrish who was on our radio station for many years as well, I met Bob in college and that’s where it all began.  He and I met over at Parkland College in Champaign and when I graduated he took a job over here at WDBR.  After I graduated I transfered over to Illinois College in Jacksonville and stayed in touch with Bob.  My second semester at Illinois College was in 2004 and I started driving over here a few times a week to intern with Bob on his show.  That continued until I graduated in 2005.  After I graduated, the wonderful people over here at the Capitol Radio Group hired me part-time in promotions.  I began doing that and also I then became the stunt guy on the Dave and Dina Morning Show.  Those two characters would just throw out crazy ideas and well, I would do them!!!  I didn’t care what they made me do, I went and did it and I had a blast!!  I guess they must have liked me because after a few years in promotions I had the opportunity to do my passion and dream which was have my own show!!  They said I could do the night show and it was awesome!!  I was so excited just to be on the radio and doing events and that stuff…it was absolutely awesome!!  After a few years on the night show I had an opportunity to fill some big shoes and take over the afternoon show for none other than Bob Parrish!  That was an amazing opportunity and I’ve had a blast doing it.  Then came some hard times, we lost Dave and Dina (not at the same exact time but close) and had some other voices join the morning show.  One of those voices was Smerz!!  I then had an opportunity to work with Smerz on the morning show for about 6 months and it was an awesome time!!  I had such a great time working the morning show with her and waking up Springfield!!  I knew mornings is what I wanted to do next!!  Well after that 6 months it was time to head back to afternoons and rock out for a little bit!!!  And now that brings us to today!  My last day…I have accepted a job over in Terre Haute, Indiana where I will be living up my dream…I will have my own morning show on B92.7 FM!  As Ron Burgundy said, “I’m a glass case of emotions.”  I’m happy, sad, excited and scared all at once.  I really just wanted to say “THANK YOU” to EVERYONE I’ve meet over the past 10 years!  And to the people who just listen or call or comment on Facebook or hit me up on Twitter…”THANK YOU” for being a fan and being a listener!!  YOU are all the reason why I love what I do!!!  I don’t really have much more to say so I’ll just stop typing now.  Thank You All!!!



DJ Blake

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