My dog, Barkley, has hops!!

Good Thursday afternoon!  Hope your day is going great so far!!  Well, my g/f and I found out last night that our dog, Barkley has hops!!  Yeah she put them in the front room last night and then put the baby gate up in the doorway and we left to go to the Buffalo Tri-City FFA Alumni Volleyball Game.  When we got home, Divot was still in the front room but Barkley was running free in the house!!  That little guy has some hops or he climbed over the gate.  Either way we were mad but also totally excited and thought it was awesome at the same time!!  Hahahaha!!  Guess we need a bigger gate!  Other big news here at the ol’ radio station, Jason has been doing CrossFit over at CrossFit Instinct and he texted me earlier and told me he dead lifted 315#!!!  He never imagined he could do that!!  He’s eating right and working out everyday!!  I’m very proud of him!!  Make sure you congratulate him when you see him!!  Oh and make sure you stop in and try out CrossFit Instinct!!  FREE CLASS on Saturdays at 8:30a.m.!!!  Tell them D.j. Blake sent you!!!

Well Katie Couric gets the first interview with Manti Te’o.  Here’s the sneak peak of what’s to come!

There was an AWESOME fight on American Idol last night!!  I’m taking Nicki’s side on this one!!  Mariah and Randy were not cool!!  Watch and see!!

I don’t know if you know this but you…yes YOU are awesome!!  Not only are YOU awesome but PEOPLE are awesome!!  Watch this video of all the AWESOME PEOPLE in the world and the AWESOME things they can do!!  WOW!!  AMAZING!!

And now the apartment built for cats!!

CLICK HERE to see what NBA Basketball Player got their picture with Justin Bieber.  Hint Hint – #23