Muddy Monday!

Good Muddy Monday to you! Yes, it was a muddy Monday morning for me. My lovely dog decided to be funny this morning. First of all our whole yard is mud because of construction going on around the house. So, I let him go out this morning and he got muddy and came to the door so I grabed one towel and started cleaning him off then I reached down to switch towels and as I was doing that, he decided he wanted to go 100mph mudding through the whole yard! He was covered! It was not cool!! I had to grab a blanket and just pick him up and take him downstairs and clean him off…gggrrrr….oh well he didn’t mean it!
Ok now I’m at work and I’m going to watch U-Conn win tonight and then have to watch the season premier of Fantasy Factory either on TV or online!!

Talk to you at 6p.m.!!

D.j. Blake