MOVING…It’s a love/hate relationship!! Hahaha!!

Good Friday afternoon!  How is your Friday so far?!  Mine is going GREAT and I hope yours is also!  I took the day off yesterday to move into a new house!  Well, I must say moving to a new place is AWESOME but the whole MOVING thing, not so awesome!!  Hahahaha!!  It just feels like I’ve got so much crap (which I do) and I need to get rid of some of it (which I won’t)!  It will all be worth it once I get in there, get organized (I’m a clean/neat freak) and have everything where I want it.  I don’t know how long that will take but I’ll get there!!  Now today I feel like I’m moving 100mph because I’ve got Tailgate With Blake TONIGHT over in Auburn!!  It’s going to be GREAT!!!  Ralley towels, hair painting, and more!!!  Come on out to Auburn for TAILGATE WITH BLAKE!!

Well, it all comes down to this…BEAST MODE CHALLENGE is tomorrow!  9:30a.m. I will be taking on the challenge and hopefully, HOPEFULLY, I’ll be just fine!! Once again a HUGE, HUGE, thanks to Zach and Matt over at GNC NORTH (across from Walmart on Dirksen Parkway) for sponsoring me and helping me with my supplements before the big race!!  Make sure you stop in and see these guys!  They know there stuff and always, ALWAYS have products on hand!!

Did you know how much Samuel L. Jackson has in common with Dr. Seuss??  Watch this and find out!!

And this is what happens when you are a MLB rookie for the Tampa Bay Rays!!  Welcome to the MLB boys!!

Bruno Mars has a new album coming out!!!  Check out his teaser video!!

And this guys goes NIGHT NIGHT!! OUCH!!

Sexy And I Know It on X-Factor??!! What??!!  Check it out!