Moving, Beast Mode, and More Moving…with a little basketball ;)

Good Monday afternoon!  Hope your Monday has been outstanding so far!!  Wow!  What a weekend!  Let me give you a quick weekend re-cap.  Friday Night – A great TAILGATE WITH BLAKE at Auburn High School!!  Thank you to everyone for coming out!  It’s always great to head over to Auburn for a good time!  Saturday – Woke up early for the Beast Mode Challenge!  It was awesome!  I’m not sure on my time, I’ll have to check online but it was a great WOD for Saturday!!  A huge, HUGE THANK YOU to Zach and Matt over at GNC NORTH!! (Dirksen Parkway across from Walmart)  I felt amazing before and after thanks to their help with my supplements!  Make sure you get over there and see these guys!  They know their stuff and can help YOU out!  I’ve posted two pictures below!!!  After the Beast Mode Challenge it was an ALL DAY event of moving!  Well actually more like loading up a trailer all by myself!!  What a workout!!  After I got it all loaded I then met my g/f for dinner at her parents house.  We ate and packed up more stuff then went and unloaded it all!!  I was exhausted!  It’s all done and moved, now the not so fun part of organizing everything :)  This could take awhile.  Sunday – Hit up church then back to the house for organizing.  Did that all day then had a very rough basketball game that shouldn’t have been rough.  We got the win so it’s all good!!  After the game I needed some just relax time so, we watched Avengers!!  GREAT MOVIE!!  A little slow at the start but a great movie!!  Go watch it!!  There you have it, my weekend re-cap!!  Hope your weekend was just as exciting!!!

Here’s what I looked like heading to the Beast Mode Challenge!!  Once again Thank You GNC NORTH!

And I don’t have any action shots or muddy shots because I went solo on this one but, here’s what I did POST Beast Mode Challenge!

Oh shoot!!  The Wife Carrying Championship is this weekend!!  Dang it!!

We all puke sometime right?  Puke, Vomit, Spew, Blow Chunks, or Throw Up.  Whatever you call it, Justin Bieber did it at a recent concert!!  CLICK HERE to see Bieber Blow Chunks!!

A fake plane crash + wedding proposal = did she say yes???

Deer vs. Guy On Skateboard…who YOU got??