Meet my new intern…Aaron!!!

Good Wednesday afternoon to you!!  Hope your wednesday is treating you well today!!  Big news here at 103.7 WDBR, I got myself an INTERN!!  Someone who can do all my dirty work like I use to have to do.  His name is Aaron and he’s going to be here with me for a whole semester!!  Here’s a quick interview with Aaron so you can get to know him better!


This kid got pinned in a wrestling match, no big deal right…he got pinned by a falling light!!!  OUCH!!

LeBron James and Dwyane Wade need to stick to basketball because karaoke is not their thing!

I wish there was audio with this video but there is not.  Just imagine what this drunk mom is saying while she is trapped in her son’s highchair!  Hahahaha!!!

A man can hold two 9 pound buckets of water for a minute…FROM HIS EYELIDS!!!  OH MY GOSH!!  CLICK HERE to see the picture and read more!!

Ladies and Gentlemen…Barach Obama and Joe Biden singing SEXYBACK!!