Good Thursday Morning!  I’m filling in for Dave on the Morning Show and so I’m up and at them very early.  I had a crazy drive to work at 4:15 this morning.  First story isn’t really CRAZY, but I almost hit two deer!  You know the moment you see those glowing eyes move into the road and it scares you to death and you hit the brakes..yup, that was me this morning!  Not even really a close call but still it caught me off guard a little bit.  The second story seems a little more crazy because I’ve NEVER had to do this in my life.  I had to put my sun visor down at 4:15 because the moon was so bright!  No joke!  The moon was so big and bright that I was squinting while driving so I just said, “I have to put my visor down!”  I never knew the moon could be so bright and so in my eyes!!  Unreal!

Well the one and only Charles Barkley decided he should do some karaoke to Boyz II Men!  Not a good idea CHUCK!  Watch video below!

I never knew babysitting could be so hard!

If anyone has a drain that would allow us to do this, please contact me IMMEDIATELY!  I want to SHOOT THE TUBE!

Ever wonder what happens when the COSBY’s watch the COSBY’s!

This one goes out to my g/f and all the ladies and gents who love them some IKEA!  This is AWESOME!!