Let’s Go BULLS! Let’s Go BULLS!

Happy Halloween!!  I hope you are having a great Halloween Day so far and maybe you will be having an even better Halloween Night tonight!  I’m extra happy about Halloween this year because the Chicago Bulls have their first game tonight!  GO BULLS GO!  So today at work we had PHOTO DAY!  Yup, just like back in school you come in and get your picture but our is for the website not for the yearbook.  Anyways, I wanted to look good so I grabbed my BRAND NEW D.j. Blake T-Shirt and got my mohawk lookin’ FRESH and got my picture taken!!  Tell me what you think of the shirt!?  It’s a demo shirt that my buddy Eric made for me.  That’s my actual signature!!  He had me sign my name on a piece of paper multiple times then did his computer magic and put it on a shirt.  What do you think??











OMG!  Someone leaked a trailer to the new Star Wars Episode 7!!  Check it out!!

A Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle coupon for Pizza Hut from 1990 still worked!!  Check this out!!

Check out the new James Bond “Skyfall” movie trailer!

It’s always awkward to run into your EX at the same place you are.  Well Katy Perry and Russell Brand were at the Lakers game last night!  CLICK HERE to see pictures!!

A Jack-O-Lantern you can play Tetris on!!  AMAZING!!