Let’s Go Bulls!

Good Tuesday evening! Hope your day has gone GREAT! It was a little wet this morning but it has turned out to be a beautiful day! I’ve got one thing on my mind right now and it’s CHICAGO BULLS!! Game #2 tonight vs. 76ers! We have NO D-ROSE :( But…BUT…we have one of the deepest benches in the game and they are going to step up and get another win! I can just feel it! Let’s GO BULLS!
Now let’s talk what else is on my mind: CrossFit Instinct Throwdown 2012!! I’m currently in 2nd place, only 1 point behind the man in first place. We have one more event tomorrow and we are meeting out at Centennial Park. We don’t know what we are doing but we have to ready for anything!! I’m going to lay it all on the line and see what happens!!
Well, that’s about all I got for now! I shall talk to you soon at 6 o’clock!

D.j. Blake